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Eyes on the BallD&D Insider Article
By Derek Myers

T his adventure takes place in the city of Waterdeep and begins when the player characters witness a kidnapping in progress. After intervening, they learn that this kidnapping was not an isolated incident and that ten elves have gone missing over the past two weeks. To find and rescue the missing elves before it’s too late, the characters must agree to work for the Xanathar, a notorious criminal mastermind who also happens to be a beholder.

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    Getting Ready to run this adventure. It is so badass. Kidnapping, Slave Trading, Sewer Chases, Struggles between Rival Crime rings, Beholder behind the curtain and a Final showdown in a run down subterranean warehouse with logistical problems. I'm sure it will keep my players busy for over a month. Thanks for doing the leg work on this one guys keep them coming ; )

    Posted By: Lumlicious_C (10/2/2013 1:34:14 AM)