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Son of Khyber, Book II
Thorn of Breland
Keith Baker


Out of sight of the Twelve Dragonmarked Houses, a thirteenth house operates in the dark lower levels of Sharn. A new leader has arisen from the ranks of the aberrent dragonmarks, a man who calls himself the Son of Khyber.

Thorn is sent to infiltrate the group, before he incites House Tarkanan to revolt against the Twelve.

But is she lying to the Tarkanans, or are the strange powers she's manifesting the signs of an aberrent dragonmark? The answers may lie with her mysterious adversary


Item Details
Item Code: 241960000
Release Date: November 2009
Series: Thorn of Breland
Format: Mass Market Paperback, Audio Book
Price: $6.99 C$8.99; $19.95 Audio
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5234-2
Author Bios
Keith Baker

Keith Baker discovered Dungeons & Dragons in elementary school, and this was the beginning of a lifelong interest in games of all sorts. In 2002 he quit his day job to become a full-time freelance writer. Much to his surprise, in 2003 his world Eberron was selected as the finalist in the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search. He is also the author of the Dreaming Dark trilogy.