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Tyranny of Ghosts, The
Legacy of Dhakaan, Book III
Don Bassingthwaite

The third book in the Legacy of Dhakaan series.

The Rod of the Kings Has Spoken.

Darguun. A nation forged out of the fires of war. Broght together under the wisdom of lhesh Haruuc, now bound by the charisma of Lhesh Tariic.

But Lhesh Tariic is bound by the powers of the Emperors of Dhakaan, manifest in the influential artifact, the Rod of Kings. With the dominance of the rod in hand, Tariic plans to lead his fledgling kingdom into battle and gain more land, more glory, more power--whatever the cost.

But the Empire of Dhakaan has left behind one more artifact, a force to bring doom to the goblin king... if only the heroes of Darguun can find it.

Don Bassingthwaite is the author of numerous fantasy and dark fantasy novels. His most recent books are Mistress of the Night (with Dave Gross) and the books of the Dragon Below trilogy that introduced Geth, Ashi, and Ekhaas: The Binding Stone, The Grieving Tree, and The Killing Song.

Don live in Toronto, surrounded by gadgets, spice jars, and too many books. You can find him online at

Item Details
Item Code: 254520000
Release Date: June 2010
Series: Legacy of Dhakaan
Format: Mass Market Paperback, Audio Book
Price: $6.99 C$8.99; $24.95 Audio
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5506-0
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Author Bios
Don Bassingthwaite

Don Bassingthwaite was born in Meaford, Ontario, and now lives and works in Toronto. Degrees in anthropology and museum studies didn't prepare him for a career in publishing, but he has decided they are an excellent background for writing speculative fiction. Bassingthwaite is a contributor to the award-winning Bending the Landscape anthologies and the author of the dark fantasy novels Such Pain, Breathe Deeply, and Pomegranates Full and Fine. He shares a home with his partner, two cats, a wide assortment of books and games, and a ridiculously well-stocked spice cupboard.

For more information, see his website:

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