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Silent Blade, The (Paperback)
The Legend of Drizzt, Book XI
R.A. Salvatore

"The story is superb . . . taking unexpected turns, as always, but this time Salvatore has included something that has made the book even better, half the book is from the point of view of Drizzt's most hated enemy: Artemis Entreri . . ." on The Silent Blade

Drizzt is years away from the cruel Underdark city of his birth, surrounded now by friends that are more like family, and in love with a human woman whose heart belongs to another. Wulfgar has returned from years of torture in the hellish Abyss, and everyone struggles with how he might pick up where he left off.

And the Crystal Shard cries out for someone to wield its corrupting power, and finds another drow, the mercenary Jarlaxle. Acting against the advice of his most unusual companion, the human assassin Artemis Entreri, Jarlaxle seeks out the power that Crenshinibon promises. But if something is too evil even for Artemis Entreri. . . .

Drizzt needs something to occupy his troubled thoughts, and isn't it high time he destroyed the Crystal Shard once and for all? He embarks on a long journey, seeking out the scholar-priest Cadderly, but instead finds his most stubborn and most dangerous enemy.

The Silent Blade is the eleventh book in the thirteen-volume Legend of Drizzt. It follows right after Passage to Dawn and leads into the penultimate volume of the series, The Spine of the World. The story of Jarlaxle and Entreri splits off from here to Servant of the Shard, the first book in the Sellswords trilogy. The Silent Blade also borrows characters and situations from the Cleric Quintet, which begins in the novel Canticle.

Item Details
Item Code: 219697400
Release Date: February 2009
Series: The Legend of Drizzt, Book XI
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.99 C$8.99
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5054-6
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R.A. Salvatore

R.A. Salvatore is the New York Times best-selling author of The Legend of Drizzt, one of the most successful fantasy series of all time. He lives in Massachusetts, but is a loyal citizen of Red Sox Nation. Find him on Facebook, and at his own web site,

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