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Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep, Book II
A Forgotten Realms Collection
Rosemary Jones, Erin M. Evans, James P. Davis

Contains the following:

City of the Dead

Waterdeep is an old city and many have died there. Most are entombed in the vast, sprawling City of the Dead, a cemetery of stone crypts and greenery that serves as a park by day . . . and the haunted abode of the dead by night, where the living are slain, die of fright, or are driven mad with terror.

All except one family. The Carvers, the clan who tends the tombs and sees to the spadework of burials . . . and of trying to keep the dead at rest in their graves.Generations of Carvers have done this quite well, so the dead who walk can't leave the cemetery to roam the city at will.

Until the day Sophraea Carver makes a mistake.

The God Catcher

When Tennora is expelled from school, her lifelong dream of becoming a wizard is shattered. Directionless and despondent, she figures her life cannot possibly get worse. But fate seems determined to prove her wrong when, driven by some misguided sense of charity, she takes a woman whose lot seems worse than her own under her wing. A woman who spent the morning screaming in the streets outside her apartment. A woman who claims to be a dragon stuck in human form. A woman who a bounty hunter claims is criminally insane.

Xorvintaal, the Great Game of the dragons, is not for amateurs. But Dareun, while young, is very clever. The older dragons are stuck in their ways and blinded by their assumptions, while he has found ways around the rules—both theirs and those of the magic intended to keep him out of the city that would make the perfect, most defensible lair: Waterdeep.

But then a blue dragon shows up in his territory, pilfers from Daerun’s seed horde, and is somehow immune to the magical wards that cause him such pain inside the city. He must have the secret of her immunity—and then drive her out of his territory. First, however, he has to find her. Luckily, he happens to know this blue dragon has a weakness: a young human woman named Tennora.

Circle of Skulls

Much that is dark and grim goes on behind closed doors in Waterdeep. This is a book that throws open such doors, and takes the reader through mounting violence and corruption, into a thrilling chase through secrets and long-brewing deviltry, toward a confrontation that will shake the largely unwitting City of Splendors to its proverbial sewers and hidden sacrificial altars.

After you finish Circle of Skulls, you’ll never look at bustling Waterdeep the same way again. For it is dangerous to outlive gods.

Item Details
Item Code: 335120000
Release Date: December 6, 2011
Format: Trade Paperback; eBook
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