Dragon Issue #410

By Christopher Perkins & Greg Bilsland
The submission window is now open, and here’s what we’d like to see: more Dragonlance proposals. No, really.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Lycanthropy isn’t so much a “curse” as a rockin’ good excuse to tear your enemies to pieces with fangs and claws. Introducing new character themes for hirsute characters.
By Emi Tanji
And now for something a little different: a cute, fold-up paper dragon modeled after Dungeon’s magazine classic red dragon villain, Flame.
By David Chalker
Nothing good ever came out of the Barrier Peaks . . . until now. If you’re ready to introduce futuristic alien weaponry to your campaign, this article is for you.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
R&D’s “Player-in-Chief” lets loose her inner geek.
By Ed Greenwood
An otherwise unremarkable inn door has answers to some of the greatest mysteries and riddles in Waterdeep, but some believe its whispers are nothing but a prank.
By Rodney Thompson
The treasure vault of Tectuktitlay in Draj is a shining example of what a mad sorcerer-king will do to keep his hoard from falling into unworthy hands.
By Keith Baker
The cold and inhospitable island of Farlnen is home to the Grim Lords and their crimson-sailed fleet. Unless you’re a vampire or an agent of Vol, approach at your own risk.
By Bart Carroll
Take a trip through past editions of the D&D game, and see how its iconic features have evolved over the decades.
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