Dragon Issue #411

By Chris Sims
They roam the desert wastelands of Athas, the wild savannas of Faerûn, and the boundless fringes of many homespun campaign worlds, but don’t let their strange insectoid appearance fool you: thri-kreen are adventurers at heart.
By David Adams
Birds of a feather flock together. To a kenku, this is no mere adage but a fact of life—particularly when your life is steeped in theft, bribery, extortion, and murder.
By Jeff Tidball
The human empire of Nerath fell to ruin long ago, but soon it will be reborn. From its ashes arises one hero destined for immortality. With each quest fulfilled, you come closer to attaining your birthright: God-Emperor of Nerath.
By James Maliszewski
We take a brief tour through the development of the game—from OD&D to the AD&D’s core rulebooks.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
R&D’s “Player-in-Chief” lets loose her inner geek.
By Ed Greenwood
Out of the howling, lashing rain it comes—a portent of doom in the form of a flying ship.
By Rodney Thompson
A sinister race has invaded Athas. Meet the horrific tsochar, and see why they’ve taken a shine to the devastated world.
By Keith Baker
Once the stronghold of House Cannith and a jewel in the crown of Cyre, the city of Eston holds treasures and secrets that some believe are worth dying for.
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