Dungeon Issue #163
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By Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Someone or something has been grabbing eladrin from the Feywild. As the heroes pursue another quest, they have the opportunity to discover the force behind the abductions, which might lead them to more conflicts than they anticipate. This Side Trek introduces the Shadowfell and shadar-kai to your player characters, if they haven't been exposed to either before now. A Side Trek for 9th-level PCs.
By Creighton Broadhurst, Bruce R. Cordell, and David Noonan
The Scales of War Adventure Path continues in issue #163! Now that the heroes have reached the paragon tier, they've earned the deserving accolades of the citizens of Overlook. But a summons from an unexpected ally sends the PCs on a cross-planar adventure to pursue a villain who has plagued them -- and all of Elsir Vale -- for some time. From the mortal realm to the Shadowfell to the Elemental Chaos, the chase is on to catch Sarshan! An adventure for 11th-level PCs.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The Madness trilogy concludes with "Brink of Madness." The heroes must set off to stop an insane cultist from tearing open a hole in reality to a world of unimaginable horror. Failure means that the entire region becomes saturated with mutating energy and creatures capable of shattering the strongest minds. Only the heroes of Wellspring can put a stop to the tortured and twisted Malachi. An adventure for 13th-level PCs.
By Mike Mearls
Mike continues to educate on the nature of skill challenges, with unique applications and examples.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
A DM's best friend? Stephen Radney-MacFarland, back with more advice and letters from the mailbag.
By James Wyatt
James discusses the latest changes to his fledgling campaign.
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