Dungeon Issue #176
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By Chris Youngs
Chris tackles zombies. Not literally ... he tackles the subject of zombies. The other thing would be gross.
By James "Grim" Desborough
Adventurers—noble and otherwise—from all across the land have gathered to participate in the annual Cross City Race. Can you be the first across the finish line? A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of any level.
By Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel
If even the monsters of the Chaos Scar have left a place abandoned, it’s probably for good reason. But when night falls and the dead stir, a lost, mysterious temple of death might be the only hope the characters have for surviving ‘til dawn. A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 2nd-level characters.
By Rodney Thompson
Just beyond the King’s Wall sits the Crossroads—an inn and trading post for anyone passing into, out of, or near the Scar. But the taint of the Chaos Scar has long since grown beyond the mortal attempts to contain it, and the Crossroads offers its own hazards to the unwary. A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 2nd-level characters.
By Mike Mearls
The Keep on the Borderlands is a classic adventure site from both 1st and 2nd Edition. Updated for the first time in over ten years, this iteration of the keep is intended to be placed near the Chaos Scar as a new base of operations for heroes seeking their fortunes in the valley. Complete with a map based on the original keep, you’ll find plenty of material to mine for your campaign whether or not you’re playing a Chaos Scar campaign!
By Ari Marmell
The Broken Beast was ruled Stygia, but was cast down by Asmodeus despite his loyalty. Exiled from the Pit, he now seeks a return to his former glory, and vengeance on those who brought him low.
By Andrew Schneider
The mad, powerful, and deformed giants control vast stretches of the Feydark. Discover more new fomorian variants in the newest Creature Incarnations.
By Charles Choi
This unique type of terrain, magically buoyed to float in the air, can make for compelling encounters and adventures. Learn how better to use elemental motes in your campaign.
Realmslore: Vaasa
By Brian R. James
While the Warlock Knights rule Vaasa with fists of steel, the land is rife with adventure possibilities.
Eye on the Realms
By Ed Greenwood
Tarmel Drouth was outcast from the Ilance family in Suzail, but he has not taken his banishment lightly and seeks revenge against those who have ostracized him.
By Mike Mearls
Mike continues to educate on the nature of skill challenges, with unique applications and examples.
By James Wyatt
James discusses the latest changes to his fledgling campaign.
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