Dungeon Issue #196
By Craig Campbell
What has six sides, four dozen extradimensional rooms, and giant chicken legs? Explore Baba Yaga’s dancing hut at your own peril! A D&D adventure for characters of levels 13–15.
By Alana Abbott
The Mother of All Witches is back! Learn the secrets of this wicked archfey, and meet some of her most vile creations.
By John “Ross” Rossomangno
When a dragon corrupted by the Deck of Many Things takes refuge in the Chaos Scar, expect trouble in the cards. The penultimate D&D Chaos Scar adventure for characters of levels 7–9.
By Logan Bonner
In this article series, we revisit monsters from the 4th Edition Monster Manual, providing new lore and revised stat blocks.
By Keith Baker
There are tales of eladrin towers and cities appearing and disappearing in the far-flung corners of Khorvaire. Whenever the fabled Winter Citadel makes worldfall, expect an icy reception.
By Shawn Merwin
The misty Moonshae Isles are one step removed from the Feywild, full of wonder, ancient magic, and terror. Immerse yourself in the customs of the rural Ffolk, and test your mettle against the Goblin King of Nachtur, the Black Blood Tribe of Moray, the vampires of Snowdown, and other threats.
By Ed Greenwood
Word is slowly spreading through the Heartlands of an eerie apparition encountered in all sorts of dark and lonely places.
By Rodney Thompson
A hundred hungry gladiators would kill to possess a metal sword. Imagine what nine metal blades might do.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Eventually, every DM needs some advice.
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