Dungeon Issue #210

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This Means War!
By Christopher Perkins
All three of January’s adventures present different takes on the theme of War.
The Vulture’s Feast
By Brian Cortijo & Christopher Perkins
An evil warlord has prepared a feast for her new Zhentarim allies, and she has a gift for them as well. The Harpers need your help to break this unholy alliance. A D&D Forgotten Realms adventure for characters of levels 6–8.
Siege of Gardmore Abbey
By Steve Townshend
Nightbringer’s armies have Gardmore Abbey surrounded, but the abbey’s valiant defenders aren’t going down without a fight! This D&D adventure designed for six pregenerated 6th-level characters first appeared as a Penny Arcade Expo 2011 convention exclusive.

Pre-Generated Characters
(4.9 Mbs PDF)
Blood of Gruumsh
By Steve Winter
An ancient elven sanctuary holds a secret that the orcs will kill to discover. Can you survive a harrowing confrontation with the Blood of Gruumsh? A D&D adventure for characters of levels 4–6.
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