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Editorial: Waiting For 222
By Christopher Perkins
The time has come to say farewell, but not goodbye.
Lowdown in Highport
By Thomas M. Reid
Evil slavers have taken Highport, and getting in and out of town undetected will be no simple matter. This 1st-Edition AD&D adventure for characters of levels 3–5 includes a 4th-Edition D&D conversion appendix.
By Daniel Helmick
The theocracy of Elturgard has some unpleasant neighbors, including a black dragon in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. A 4th-Edition D&D Forgotten Realms adventure for characters of levels 7–9.
The Battle of Emridy Meadows
By Jon Leitheusser & Christopher Perkins
The forces of good are marching against the hordes of Elemental Evil, and battle lines have been drawn across the fields of Emridy Meadows. Relive the greatest conflict never told in this D&D Next adventure for characters of levels 6–8.
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The time has come to say farewell, but not goodbye.
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