Welcome to D&D Fight Club

By now, you’ve got your Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide, and Monster Manual. You’ve created a bunch of new characters, and you’re looking for something for your new PCs to fight. Right?

Welcome to D&D Fight Club.

This new web feature offers you a different original adversary each month to pit against your party. To make sure you find a foe of the proper challenge level for your group, we always offer three different versions of each creature. The D&D Fight Club introduces multiclassed monsters, hulking humanoids -- and never what your players would expect.


Rising above the common lot of boggles, Chonde developed a mean streak living among his brethren. Knowing that he far surpassed them in intelligence, he did not accept their ways and tried to promote himself as superior. But even that became boring, and repeatedly beating down sniveling creatures is no fun way to live. Chonde wanted more, so he traveled and learned the ways of the ninja. With these formidable abilities, he could easily strike at those carrying rich goods or magic items, as stealing was the most fun thing he knew to do. He wanted things, lots of them. . . .

In the final installment of this popular feature, Fight Club designer Robert Wiese offers a boggle rogue/ninja to challenge your heroes. Ready to fight?


Coming from the Plane of Shadow, Klkkikk't't is different from the typical sahuagin, and he knows his superiority. Sahuagin know it, too, and fear him. They won't follow him, so he operates alone. He is on the Material Plane to wreak havoc, and that is what he does best.

This month, Fight Club designer Robert Wiese offers a shade sahuagin rogue/ranger to challenge your heroes. Ready to fight?

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D&D Fight Club
The Arena

This special feature, complete with NPCs and adventure hooks, is designed for use with our Fight Club creatures and with the November Map-a-Week arena layout. Are you ready for the challenge?
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