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Tyranny of Dragons T-Shirt Design Contest

This year, D&D is pitting heroes everywhere against hordes of evil dragons led by the 5-headed queen of dragons Tiamat:

T o help take part in these events, Mighty Fine ("T-shirts designed by fans for fans") is hosting their next design contest. Use your T-shirt design skills to submit your most creative, artistic, adventurous D&D artwork for a potential Mighty Fine T-shirt—and you could win up to $1000.00 as the grand prize! In addition, four Judge Pick Winners will also be chosen to receive $300.00.

Judging your designs will be celebrity judges Dan Harmon (creator of NBC’s Community), Scott Kurtz (cartoonist of PvP and Table Titans fame), R.A. Salvatore (New York Times best-selling author of The Legend of Drizzt), and Morgan Webb (consummate gamer and former co-host of G-4’s X-Play).

You might take your inspiration from Tyranny of Dragons, Tiamat herself, or other elements of your gaming adventures! We're looking for the most creative, artistic, adventurous D&D artwork for our design contest—so be bad-ass, be funny, be whatever you like, just be awesome!

All winning designs will be further considered for printing, and winning artists for the Mighty Fine Artists Program. Deadline for this contest is May 7, 2014.

Let the games begin!

Previous Promotions

Neverwinter Sweepstakes

Click on your favorite core class from Dungeons & Dragons and enter to win a prize pack filled with Neverwinter goodies -- on the D&D Facebook page. Prizes include an in-game bandana fanshion item and consumable bundle for the new Neverwinter MMO, the Neverwinter Saga on audiobook from Audible, the Legend of Drizzt board game, Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2 and the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book.

Be sure to read the rules prior to entering.

D&D Character Sheet Contest

Adventurers, we asked you to break out those graphic design multiclass skills. Congratulations to winner Brian Morgen, and his winning design below (please note, actual character sheet will be further modified).


  • Kenni Littlefield
  • Bradley Snyder
  • Steven Grindeland
  • Keith McBlane
  • Andrew M White
  • Ben Sherman
  • Christine Miller
  • Stan Shinn
  • Charles Normann

A-Series Art Contest

The contest has ended, but we'd like to congratulate the following list of winners:
  • Alexander Fatis
  • Amanda Mickelson
  • Andy ATOM Taylor
  • Bernardo F Hasselmann
  • Brian "Glad" Thomas
  • Bryant Paul Johnson
  • Carlton Stevens
  • Chandra Reyer
  • Chet Minton
  • Christopher Conklin
  • Craig Brasco
  • Dan Bruington
  • Emanuele Galletto
  • Francis RP Navarro
  • Giancarlo Fusco
  • Greg Allen
  • Hinchel Or
  • Hugo Magalhaes
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  • James Burton
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  • John Musniskey Jr
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  • Johnathan L Bingham
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  • Remi Roundtree
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  • Robert Waluchow
  • S Michael Twitchell
  • Sarah Howard
  • Sarah Naomi Radford.jpg
  • Scott "-enkainen" Casper
  • Stacey Allan
  • Stephen Hippleheuser
  • Tim Lavrov
  • Tuomas Salmela
  • Vitor Dias

BoardGameGeek: Blood of Gruumsh Contest

Dungeon Command features themed miniature factions designed to play as unified war bands, in a game eliminating luck-driven mechanics in favor of player-driven skill, creativity, and quick thinking. Each Dungeon Command faction comes in its own box, containing twelve pre-painted plastic miniatures (plus the cards, tiles, and rules for the game).

Blood of Gruumsh includes such monstrous miniatures as the orc archer, barbarian, chieftain, and the orc cleric of Gruumsh. Plus, all miniatures in this set are all new sculpts!

And now it’s time to put your skill and quick thinking to the test. Wizards of the Coast has provided ten faction packs. Be one of the lucky winners to answer the following questions correctly and you just might be adding Dungeon Command: Blood of Gruumsh to your warband in no time. Good luck!

BoardGameGeek: Dungeon! Contest

The classic board game of dungeon exploration has returned, with stunning new art! In Dungeon! you and your friends decide which way to go in the hunt for bigger and better treasure. Will you clear out the Goblins or Kobolds? Or face off against iconic D&D monsters such as the Black Pudding, Owlbear, or Purple Worm? Dungeon! creates a fast and exciting dungeon delving experience that can be played again and again.

The rules are straightforward and easy to learn so it’s the perfect introduction to the world of Dungeons & Dragons, a family fantasy game night, or warm- up before your next epic game of D&D.

To celebrate the return of this iconic board game, we are giving away 10 copies of Dungeon!, autographed by the original game designer. Answer the following questions correctly and one could have your name on it, too.

D&D Next Video Contest (Facebook)

Earlier this year, Wizards of the Coast announced that the next iteration of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game is currently underway. As a part of this monumental undertaking, legions of fans around the world have been invited to participate in an massive, public playtest—the first of its kind for D&D—and to make gaming history as they help shape the future of Dungeons & Dragons. The “D&D Next” public playtest began in May and there’s still the opportunity for even more people to get involved.

And that’s where you come in.

Your Mission:

Create a video (60 seconds or less) that will get D&D fans excited about being a part of the D&D Next Playtest. How you do that is entirely up to you. You could show us an epic film of classic heroism or a claymation reenactment of critical failures. Maybe it’s a recruitment video for your group or a Top Ten list of things you’ve learned from the playtest. Whether it’s a classic D&D truism (like why you never split the party) or just an awesome/hilarious/cool episode taken straight from your imagination, show the world what they’re missing.

Most importantly, have fun.


  • Maximum of 60 seconds in length
  • Videos must reference the D&D Next playtest in some way, but may NOT show content from the actual playtest materials or discuss specific game mechanics.
  • Contest entrants need not be signed up for the official D&D Next playtest to participate in this contest.
  • Entries must be submitted (via the D&D Facebook page) by Wednesday, August 10, 2012 by 4:00 PM PST

Additional information:

Remember: these videos are meant to speak to the millions of D&D fans out there. Gamers that represent every edition. Speak to them. Show them something familiar but new, fun and novel. Entertain. Excite. Surprise.

Contest entries will be posted on the D&D website and social media platforms. To ensure that your entry is eligible, see the rules.

Dragon's Tale
Every dragon has its own legend, its own tale to tell. We asked you to write the top short story entry to win the brand-new Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Collector's Set!

Congratulations to winner Mark Bishop! His winning entry can be read here.

Find Your Dark Side Contest
We recently ran the Find Your Dark Side Contest. Our sincere thanks to everyone who entered. We’ve since selected our three winners, and wish to congratulate them for their submissions:

Matt G.
Isaac B.
Jeffrey W.

D&D Championship Encounter Design Contest
We recently ran the D&D Championship Encounter Design Contest. Our sincere thanks to everyone who entered. We’ve since selected our five winners, and wish to congratulate them for their submissions:

Matt L.
Edmonton, Alberta

Keith F.
Sunnyvale, California

Andrew L.
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

John B.
Troy, Michigan

Chris C.
Independence, Missouri
Castle Ravenloft Board Game Contest
Congratulations to Dwayne S., Greg F,. and Kevin D. for winning our Castle Ravenloft contest. Their winning scenarios may be read here!
Holiday Gift Guide Sweepstakes
Congratulations to Jason S. from Florida, for winning our Holiday Gift Guide Sweeptakes!
Gauntlgrym Online Scavenger Hunt
Congratulations to Jonathan Westmoreland, the grand-prize winner of the Gauntlgrym Online Scavenger Hunt for correctly tweeting the answer to the riddle. Winners of the eight clue questions that were required to solve the riddle were Jonathan Westmoreland (clues #1-3), Corey Dockendorf (clue #4), Billie Pierce (clues #5, 6 and 8), and Mitch Nicholas (clue #7). Nice race to the finish, all!

Here's a quick explanation of the riddle, for those of you following along:

A legend grows
in the northwestern corner of Faerûn.
To the west…
the lost city of Gauntlgrym.
To the midwest…
the City That Saved Itself. (Nickname for Fort Wayne, IN)

Treasure and magic await, they say. (In the lost city of Gauntlgrym, and at D&D Experience January 27-30, 2011)
For the clever, powerful.
Only if you’re first with the answer. (First person to tweet the riddle solve wins the trip to D&D Experience)
Only if that’s what defines you.(Hinting at Drizzt's journal entry: “It is the journey and not the goal, achieved or lost, that defines who we are.")

Follow the root of the Hosttower.
Eight tools lead the way. (Each of the eight clues found on the hunt were "tools" that helped characters in the story find Gauntlgrym)
Unscramble words with letters distressed. (Hinting at the word scramble required to find the riddle answer)
This, my friend, is your main quest. ("Quest" is another word for journey, a key word in the riddle answer)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Gauntlgrym Online Scavenger Hunt. It was great fun!
Relive the Adventure
Many of us remember the original D&D Basic Set (the red box) released back in 1983. I do: Like the adventurers we sought to emulate, I scoured my house looking for hidden Christmas presents—and found them, stashed at the back of the linen closet. Success! Even better, these presents included the red box for the game my friends and I had long been trying to replicate with Monopoly dice and the vaguest understanding of the rules. With that box, I'd finally be able to play my first official game of Dungeons & Dragons.

What are your fondest memories of playing with the original red box? We asked for an original essay of no more than 250 words, detailing your memories of the red box.

3 winners have been announced: Jonathan from Dallas, TX; Joel from Los Angeles, CA; and Michael from Plainfield, IN. Read the winning essays here.

WANTED: Elminster Must DieWinner: Congrats to Robert Jazo, the winner of our Elminster Must Die contest! The winning tweet that earned he and a guest a trip to Gen Con Indy 2011:

@WotC_Novels #elminster must die! At 1267 winters old he is personally responsible for bankrupting Social Security in the Realms.

Way to go, Robert! And thanks to all who participated in the contest. The judges had a lot of fun poring through all the tweets that came in to make the case on whether Ed Greenwood's famed Elminster should live or die. If you missed them, search for #elminster.

Never Split the Party Contest
For the second year in a row, we asked you to write in and tell us about your old gaming group and why you should get reunited at Gen Con 2010. Yet again, the response was incredible and we received hundreds of submissions. Groups from all over wrote in to tell us about their groups from 10, 20 and even 30 years ago!

This year, we’ll be reuniting a group of friends who played together for years before life finally took hold and sent them in separate directions. Friends since they were 9 years old, they grew up playing D&D and have lasting memories of playing their homebrew campaigns every day during summer vacations. Now, 20 years later they’ll once again get to play together at Gen Con!
Winners: Jason Vickery, Greg Goldmeier, John Fasko, Ben Howe, Dan Capiot with the following essay:

I rolled my first D20 when I was nine years old in Cleveland, Ohio. Greg, Ben, myself, and a few other kids from the neighborhood would gather on Ben's front porch every morning during summer vacations and not quit until well after dark. I knew Greg since I was four, and we had met Ben at a local rec center. As teenagers Greg met Dan and John in High School and they joined our group and with them new ideas flowed into our campaigns. The front porch became furnished basements and attics, the pizza from the night of gaming was always a good breakfast the next morning. This was all during 2nd Edition.

Graduation came, and soon Greg moved to Phoenix for school, Ben joining for the adventure of someplace new. I myself moved to Minnesota for adventures of my own. Dan and John both moved to Phoenix for a time, but for various reasons moved back to Ohio. Greg moved back as well soon after graduation, got married and spawned little geeklings of his own.

Work schedules being what they are, and cross country travel not always an option when looking for work, the five of us have not been together as a group since Greg's wedding in 2001. I believe we played during that week, which was my first taste of 3rd Edition.

We visit and make phone calls when we can, and I have a gaming group here that I cherish, but nothing can ever replace the friends you had when you were nine. For the five of us to get back together anywhere, let alone GenCon would be beyond amazing. I was hoping for this year to be my first GenCon experience and I know none of the others have ever been.

Tell Us Your Backstory!
We asked you to tell us your Players Handbook 3 character's backstory in 500 words or less and earn your character instant fame. The top three winners based on design quality and creativity won an autographed copy of Players Handbook 3.
Winners: Joe H., Las Vegas, NV, Robert B., Walton, KY, Cody, Columbus, OH

Pimp Your Store
To celebrate the first season of D&D Encounters, we hosted a "Pimp Your Store" contest to give one lucky store an ultimate prize pack. We asked stores hosting D&D Encounters to deck out their gaming areas with D&D décor and send in pictures to show off their creativity. We also asked them to tell us about themselves, their communities, and what they thought would make their store even more "pimped out".
Winner: Battlegroundz, Lancaster, CA
Runner Ups: Gators Video, Leavenworth, KS, Haven Comics, Madison, AL, Mission Games Edmonton, AB (Canada), NJoy Comics & Games, Northridge, CA
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