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Back in Black - by Jesse Decker

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  Beautiful, tragic, and deadly to your opponents and other creatures alike, the Fallen Angel is back in Seventh Edition. Like every color in the set, the black cards in Seventh Edition feature new art and new, premium versions. Combining new art with powerful abilities, the Fallen Angel is a great addition to black creature decks. It's flying ability prevents most of your opponent's creatures from blocking it, and it can turn creatures without similar evasion abilities into more power for its own attack.

Fearsome opposites of the Northern and Southern Paladins, the Eastern and Western Paladins are powerful additions to black creature decks. They can single-handedly shut down opponents using white or green decks. Other fun creatures for casual play include the Stronghold Assassin and the Nightmare, both of which can change the course of a game on their own.

Creature removal has never been a problem for black, and old favorites like Dark Banishing, Crypt Rats, and Dregs of Sorrow make sure that's still true. Befoul, a powerful removal card that can effect either creatures or lands gives those who need more removal or those who insist on versatility a good option.

Two tournament favorites, Duress and Ostracize keep black's discard abilities strong. Duress, one of the best cards in its color, was so popular with Extended tournament players that they were splashing black just to use it. Persecute, another good discard card, is also in the new edition.

Taking card advantage even further, black provides several ways to exchange life for cards. Greed and Infernal Contract top the list, each granting a quick burst of cards, fueling black decks that rely on a rush of aggressive creatures.

Black keeps its load of aggressive creatures in Seventh Edition. Serpent Warrior and Spineless Thug are both low-cost creatures whose disadvantages are lessened in a deck full of other aggressive creatures. Foul Imp, a low-cost flyer, rounds out black's aggressive creature mix.

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