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Back in Red - by Jesse Decker

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  One of the game's most powerful creatures soars into red decks in Seventh Edition. Everyone's favorite 5/5 flyer, the Shivan Dragon is back in red decks as soon as Seventh Edition hits the shelves. If you've seen the preview art on the web site, or seen the cards themselves, you know that the art in Seventh Edition is amazing. The Shivan, sure to be one of the most sought-after cards in the set, is no exception. It is simply one of the coolest looking dragons that's ever been on a Magic card. Its new look aside, the Shivan Dragon is one of the hardest-hitting cards in the game. Its ability to fly makes it hard to block, and its "firebreathing" ability turns extra mana into extra damage. After the first few turns, in which it's tough to get the dragon in play anyway, it will most likely end the game in one powerful attack.

Fans of earlier editions get a chance to add a new version of this popular card, including a premium version, to their collections, while newer fans get their first chance at one of Magic's seminal creatures. Either way, the new set features old favorites with a great new look.

Other popular red cards are back in seventh edition, each featuring incredible new art. Relentless Assault and Final Fortune, both favorites from past expansions and editions, make fast, hard-hitting red decks even tougher to deal with than before. Both cards, favorites in earlier editions, allow extra opportunities to attack your opponent, making it harder for defensive decks to keep up.

Fans of direct damage get to scorch their opponents with Shock, Blaze, Lightning Blast, and Volcanic Hammer and tear up the entire battle field with Earthquake. Fans of land destruction decks still have their old favorites Pillage and Stone Rain to count on, and old favorites round out the selection of red creatures.

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