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Back in White - by Jesse Decker

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  The Serra Angel, removed from the base set for Fifth and Sixth Editions, is finally back. With great looking new art, a new premium version, and all of its powerful abilities, the Serra Angel is one of the strongest cards in Seventh Edition. With beautiful art and great in-game abilities, the Serra Angel was a favorite from the early days of Magic, and almost everyone who played the game enjoyed the card. When the Serra Angel was taken out for Fifth Edition, it still saw play in some tournament formats and casual play, but it became a rarer and rarer sight in decks.

That's all changed. The new art is stunning, and the Serra Angel is sure to be a favorite in decks once again. With a powerful combination of flying and not tapping to attack, the Serra Angel does double duty as both a powerful attacker and staunch defender against any deck. One of the most talked about additions to Seventh Edition, the Serra Angel is also one of the best creatures in the game.

Other favorites return in white. Wrath of God, the most powerful creature removal card in the game, remains in Seventh Edition, and it features one of the best paintings in the set. Pacifism, another staple of white creature removal, keeps white defensive decks around as an effective strategy. Powerful life gaining cards like Gerrard's Wisdom and other defensive cards round out white's selection of instants and sorceries.

Always the home of efficient, small creatures, white has an amazing creature base in Seventh edition including Knight Errant, Longbow Archer, and Crossbow Infantry. These small, effective creatures keep white decks dangerous in the early turns, and powerful favorites from earlier sets like the Northern and Southern Paladins (not to mention the Serra Angel) can quickly finish an opponent pressured by early attackers.

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