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New Changes

Wizards of the Coast recently announced a change to the way Magic: the Gathering; cards are going to look, starting with the Exodus expansion.

These may sound like major changes, but we hope you'll find that they are useful and relatively minor. And thanks to the wonder of the World Wide Web, we can illustrate the changes for you.

The rarity of the cards will be indicated by the color of the expansion symbol: rare cards will have the expansion symbol in gold, uncommon in silver, and common in plain old black. In addition, along the bottom of the card, the number of the card-and how many are in the set-will be included. For example, a card might say "110/143."

We consider this a minor change because it's actually not that noticeable. The different colors of the expansion symbols don't have a strong impact on the design of the card, and the card number text is only as big as the legal text. But if you want to see for yourself how noticeable it is, here are a few oversized examples.

(Notes: Yes, that's the Exodus expansion symbol. No, none of the elements has changed relative size on the card. No, the teal background behind the legal text isn't a new color for Magic, it's just a filler color so you can see the white legal text.)

Two of the most commonly-asked questions whenever we release new Magic cards are, "How many cards are in the set?" and "Which cards are the rare ones?" We heard that question enough that we thought that maybe it was important to players, and our market research proved it.

We hope that the changes are subtle enough that they won't detract from the cards' appearance, but noticeable enough that people don't have to look too hard to see them.

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