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1999 World Championship Decks

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The 1999 World Championship decks offer you the chance to examine and play with the best Magic decks in the world today. Each deck contains some of the most powerful cards in the Standard environment, and the expert strategies that will keep you on the cutting edge of competitive play.

Pick up each of the four Championship decks today and play with the power to dominate.

World Championships Airing on ESPN2
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Collector's Highlights

Each deck contains 90 cards, including a sideboard and blank cards for adding proxies.

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Follow the tournament as it happened at the Sideboard Online.

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Famous Players

clockwise from top left:
Mark Le Pine, Kai Budde, Jakub Slemr, & Matt Linde

World Champ Decks:

  • Kai Buide, World Champion
  • Mark Le Pine, Finalist
  • Matt Linde, Semifinalist
  • Jakub Slemr, Quarterfinalist

Worlds Picture Gallery

Photos from Yokohama, site of the 1999 Magic World Championships:

Click here for image gallery.

1999 World Championship Deck Trivia Contest

  • Nov 1, 1999: This contest has ended and winners are being selected and notified.

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