Pro Tour Gatecrash Qualifier Season: Top 8 Booster Draft Decklists

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Get your Sealed Deck and Booster Draft skills warmed up, because tickets to Pro Tour Gatecrash in Montreal are up for grabs this Pro Tour Qualifier season!

Look through the events below for Top 8 Booster Draft decklists. You can test each decklist thanks to our Sample Hand Generator. Just click on the card fan in the upper right of each decklist and you can see what your opening hand could be, along with mulligans and the first three cards you'd draw.

Deck lists will be updated weekly during the PTQ season. The season runs from August 25 to December 16, 2012. For more information about the PTQ season, click here. You can also qualify on Magic Online!

Find a Qualifier Near You!

September 1: Syracuse, New York: Joe Damestrio (Attendance: 117)

September 15: Boise, Idaho: Daniel Gardner (Attendance: 67)
September 15: Columbus, Ohio: Jonathan Bohn (Attendance: 184)
September 15: Ocoee, Florida: Sam Williams (Attendance: 146)
September 16: Montréal, Quebec: Jeremie Ross-Latour (Attendance: 172)

September 22: Brooklyn, New York: Frank Skarren (Attendance: 139)
September 22: Brooklyn, New York: Jeffrey Anisman (Attendance: 149)

September 22: Magic Online Event #4368244
October 7: Magic Online Event #4413815

October 13: Lincoln, Nebraska: Sean Inoue (Attendance: 107)
October 13: Marietta, Georgia: Sol Malka (Attendance: 124)
October 13: Niles, Illinois: David Heineman (Attendance: 162)
October 13: Plano, Texas: Clinton Whitehurst (Attendance: 135)
October 13: Rockville, Maryland: Robert McFadden (Attendance: 169)
October 13: Wilmington, North Carolina: Geoff Mullin (Attendance: 85)
October 13: Nepean, Ontario: Tobias Rosman-Simionescu (Attendance: 156)
October 14: Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken: Kento Hanyuu (Attendance: 119)
October 14: Standish, Maine: Griffin Corrigan (Attendance: 88)

October 27: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: David Skogen (Attendance: 107)
October 27: Lenexa, Kansas: Jeff Hans (Attendance: 120)
October 27: Lubbock, Texas: Ian Jasheway (Attendance: 87)
November 3: Anchorage, Alaska: Jia Wu (Attendance: 30)
November 3: Missoula, Montana: Alex Sittner (Attendance: 58)
November 3:Omaha, Nebraska: Cole Griffith (Attendance: 106)
November 3:Roanoke, Virginia: Shaun Mack (Attendance: 119)
November 3: Seattle, Washington: Terry Guo (Attendance: 279)
November 3: S. Attleboro, Massachusetts: Vincent Grourke (Attendance: 216)
November 3: Streetsboro, Ohio: Ronnie Ritner III (Attendance: 200)

November 4: Magic Online Event #4520434

November 4: Rochester, New York: Steven Henning (Attendance: 140)
November 10: Berkeley, California: Raymond Nguyen (Attendance: 185)
November 10: Tallahassee, Florida: Richard Davis (Attendance: 104)
November 10: Victoria, British Columbia: Koon Kiu Wong (Attendance: 151)
November 11: Burlington, Vermont: Dave Shiels (Attendance: 133)

November 11: Magic Online Event

November 17: Fenton, Michigan: Nigel Higdon (Attendance: 160)
November 17: Winnipeg, Manitoba: Jason The (Attendance: 71)
November 17: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Steve Rubin (Attendance: 224)
November 17: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador: Wu Shuang (Attendance: 101)

November 17: Magic Online Event #4633557
November 18: Magic Online Event #4633558

November 24: Green Bay, Wisconsin: Jason Myatt (Attendance: 151)
November 24: Saddle Brook, New Jersey: Michael Innace (Attendance: 156)
December 1: Garden City, Michigan: Matthew McCullough (Attendance: 126)
December 1: Seattle, Washington: Gabe Carleton-Barnes (Attendance: 320)

December 2: Magic Online Event #4669914

December 8: Costa Mesa, California: Joe Black (Attendance: 155)
December 15: Burnaby, British Columbia: Tyler Woolley (Attendance: 160)
December 15: Burnsville, Minnesota: Dave Yetka (Attendance: 190)
December 15: South Bend, Indiana: Ryan Bogner (Attendance: 128)
December 15: Worcester, Massachusetts: Corey Mann (Attendance: 173)

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