Pro Tour Journey into Nyx Qualifier Season: Top 8 Standard Decklists

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The Pro Tour Qualifier season for Pro Tour Journey into Nyx is under way. This is your chance to test your Standard Constructed skills, because invitations and tickets to Pro Tour Journey into Nyx go to PTQ winners!

Look through the events below for Top 8 Standard decklists. You can test each decklist thanks to our Sample Hand Generator. Just click on the card fan in the upper right of each decklist and you can see what your opening hand could be, along with mulligans and the first three cards you'd draw.

Decklists will be updated weekly during the PTQ season. The new season runs December 2, 2013 - March 9, 2014. For more information about the PTQ season, click here.

Find an Qualifier Near You!

December 7: Standish, Maine: Nicholas Heal (Attendance: 169)

December 14: Brooklyn, New York: Joseph Aquilino (Attendance: 165)
December 14: Garden City, Michigan: Joseph Aquilino (Attendance: 165)
December 14: Tulsa, Oklahoma: Hal Brady (Attendance: 119)

December 21: Montréal, Quebec: Ivan Desjardins (Attendance: 169)

January 4: Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Jared Schultz (Attendance: 111)
January 4: Syracuse, New York: Hank Mead (Attendance: 213)

January 11: Anchorage, Alaska: Colin Haughey (Attendance: 39)
January 11: East Windsor, Connecticut: Ben Friedman (Attendance: 309)
January 11: Honolulu, Hawaii: Jared Schultz (Attendance: 111)
January 11: Louisville, Kentucky: John Pellman (Attendance: 160)
January 11: Moncton, New Brunswick: Mitchell Campbell (Attendance: 114)
January 11: Renton, Washington: Farand Lee (Attendance: 214)
January 11: San Diego: Fernando (Attendance: 167)
January 12: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Trent Stambaugh (Attendance: 286)
January 12: San Antonio, Texas: Christopher Burris (Attendance: 170)

January 18: Catskill, New York: Jared Boettcher (Attendance: 266)
January 18: St Charles, Missouri: Ryan Sala (Attendance: 125)
January 18: Knoxville, Tennessee: Jonathon Hickerson (Attendance: 195)
January 18: Toronto, Ontario: Samuel Tharmaratnam (Attendance: 341)

January 25: Cedar Rapids: Jasper Johnson-Epstein (Attendance: 158)
January 25: Hollywood, Florida: Nathan Soowal (Attendance: 183)
January 25: Johnson City, New York: Jeremy Dombek (Attendance: 148)
January 25: Lafayette, Louisiana: Berni Rob (Attendance: 125)
January 25: Sacramento, California: Berni Rob (Attendance: 125)
January 26: Asheville, North Carolina: Max Goldstein (Attendance: 160)
January 26: Indianapolis, Indiana: Joe Fox Jr. (Attendance: 142)

February 15: Norfolk, Virginia: Zach Jesse (Attendance: 95)
February 15: North Canton, Ohio: Ryan McCamish (Attendance: 175)
February 15: Plano, Texas: Daniel Kennedy (Attendance: 221)
February 15: Roswell, Georgia: James Jordan (Attendance: 169)
February 15: West Valley City, Utah: Ben Lundgren (Attendance: 193)

March 1: Bloomington, Indiana: Ben Stecher (Attendance: 122)
March 1: Fargo, North Dakota: William Steadham (Attendance: 138)
March 1: Mount Holly, New Jersey: Adam Van Fleet (Attendance: 154)
March 1: Seattle, Washington: Martin Goldman-Kirst (Attendance: 265)
March 1: Victoria, British Columbia: Drew Christiansen (Attendance: 162)
March 2: Corvallis, Oregon: Gabriel Carlton-Barnes (Attendance: 161)
March 2: Olathe, Kansas: Matt Simpson (Attendance: 103)
March 2: S. Attleboro, Massachusetts: Matt Stone (Attendance: 214)
March 2: Tampa, Florida: Brennan DeCandio (Attendance: 137)

March 8: Springfield, Missouri: Tyler Lytle (Attendance: 119)
March 8: Toronto, Ontario: Morgan McLaughlin (Attendance: 193)
March 8: Waco, Texas: Justin Maguire (Attendance: 129)

March 15: Lenexa, Kansas: Jeremy Klein (Attendance: 128)
March 15: Streetsboro, Ohio: Trent Jones (Attendance: 120)

March 22: Roseville, Minnesota: James Beltz (Attendance: 166)

March 29: Montréal, Quebec: Christopher Fox (Attendance: 150)
March 29: South Bend, Indiana: Stephen Barrios (Attendance: 147)
March 30: Hartford, Connecticut: Jamie Parke (Attendance: 177)

April 5: Fort Worth, Texas: Jon Toone (Attendance: 116)
April 5: Ottawa, Ontario: Ben Moir (Attendance: 114)
April 5: Tupelo, Mississippi: Jonathan Hickerson (Attendance: 76)

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