Pro Tour Philadelphia Qualifier Season: Top 8 Standard Deck Lists

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Thanks to tournament organizer Tim Shields for the deck lists.

Kevin Kwong
3rd Place - Washington - Seattle - 6/25

Main Deck

60 cards

Arid Mesa
Scalding Tarn
Tectonic Edge
Teetering Peaks

24 lands

Ember Hauler
Goblin Chieftain
Goblin Guide
Spikeshot Elder

16 creatures

Burst Lightning
Koth of the Hammer
Lightning Bolt
Searing Blaze

20 other spells

Manic Vandal
Mark of Mutiny

15 sideboard cards

Brandon Chreptyk
4th Place - Washington - Seattle - 6/25

Corbett Gray
5th Place - Washington - Seattle - 6/25

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