Play Online
With an easy-to-use tutorial, Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers is the best way to get to know the game. You can play it on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, iPad, or your Android tablet device. And once you've mastered your strategy playing against the computer you'll be ready to challenge your friends face-to-face. Learn More.

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Play Face To Face
Whether you're challenging a friend over lunch or attending a full-on Magic event, the core of the game is the same: You pit your strategic chops against someone else's. Just get a deck, play a few hands, and swap in cards until you get the right mix.

What you'll need:

Intro Packs
Deckbuilder's Toolkit
Core Set Booster Packs
Journey into Nyx
Everything you need in one cohesive, ready-made deck plus two booster packs.

Journey into Nyx Prerelease | April 26-27
Prereleases are an awesome place to meet up with friends and play with new cards before you can buy them in stores. You'll even get an exclusive alternative-art promo card just for stopping by. So join us. Learn More.

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