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Quarterfinals: Daniel Campisi vs. Jeremy Humphrey

By Omeed Dariani

Daniel Campisi's Sneak Attack deck (Sneaky Phoenix) was definitely the talk of the tournament. After blazing through the Swiss rounds, Daniel's deck was creating a huge buzz, finishing first. The quarterfinals pitted him against Jeremy Humphrey, who was participating in his first sanctioned tournament. He played a very consistent, by the book, Replenish deck. Daniel's deck, however, was not something most people had considered, when playtesting for this event. He had spent months tuning it at local tournaments, preparing for this event.

Game 1

Jeremy played a turn one Adarkar Wastes. Daniel followed with Remote Farm. They both built a mana base, preparing for their combos. Jeremy Enlightened Tutored for an Attunement and played it on the next turn. Daniel played his third land and cast Sneak Attack. This tapped him out, but he would almost certainly win next turn. Jeremy, looking a little tenuous, untapped, drew and activated Attunement. He discarded four key enchantments, including a Parallax Tide, played a fifth land and cast the Attunement again, followed by Seal of Cleansing, which immediately destroyed the Sneak Attack. Daniel drew and ended his turn. Jeremy untapped and played Parallax Tide, removing all three of Daniel's lands from play. In response to the lands being removed, Campisi tapped two of them and Disenchanted the Tide. His lands came back into play, but he drew another dead card. He repeated this for two turns, while Jeremy Attuned again, discarding an Opalescence and cast Replenish. When the fresh Tides removed all of Daniel's lands, the game was over. The twenty-one point attack was just ceremony.

Campisi 0, Humphrey 1

Game 2

Game two was basically a repeat of game one, with Daniel drawing even less land. While stuck at two lands, Campisi got a lesson in the exact workings of Replenish. While he looked on, Jeremy set up a classic Replenish draw and executed it perfectly, winning on turn six without a shred of resistance.

Humphrey defeated Campisi, 2-0

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