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Round 4: Robert Levdansky vs. Ben Valentine

By Omeed Dariani

At the number 1 seat, two fairly local players were paired up with quite similar decks. Robert Levdansky of West Virginia was sporting a TangleStompy deck with Vine Dryads, Hunted Wumpuses, and Wild Mights as some of the cards to separate him from the rest of the pack. Ben Valentine, who recently made the second day of Grand Prix - Pittsburgh with his teammates, was also playing Stompy with Tangle Wires, although his version appeared to be a bit more standard. They were both undefeated and were looking for another win.

Game 1

Robert won the die roll and chose to play first. He began by playing a Forest and a Llanowar Elf, removing a Wild Dog from the game to cast a Vine Dryad. His opponent, Ben, had a much slower start with a Pouncing Jaguar, followed up by an Elven Lyrist. Robert began by Wild Mighting his Vine Dryad and followed it up the next turn with a Rancor, quickly reducing Ben Valentine's life total. Valentine's draw sped up considerably on the third turn when he dropped a Gaea's Cradle and cast both a Llanowar and an Albino Troll. Still, Valentine was in serious danger of dying to the Rancored Vine Dryad until he top decked a Tangle Wire, which allowed him to swarm his opponent and win the race.

Game 2

Robert Levdansky chose to play first again, this time leading with a Treetop Village and removing an Uktabi Orangutan from the game to cast a Vine Dryad. Ben Valentine had a much quicker start this game, playing a Rushwood Dryad from the sideboard on the second turn and casting Rancor on it on the third turn. Valentine followed that up with an Albino Troll and Levdansky responded with a Masticore. While Robert was able to use the Masticore to kill both the Albino Troll and the Rushwood Dryad, he ended up losing his last life points at the hands of a Giant Growthed and Rancored Treetop Village.

Ben Valentine defeated Robert Levdansky 2-0

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