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Close-up: Andrew Bonham

By David Price

Sideboard (S): Where are you from?

Andrew Bonham (AB): Toronto, Ontario

S: How long have you been playing?

AB: since Tempest

S: How long have you been playing competitively?

AB: about two years

S: What are your best tournament accomplishments?

AB: I came in 9th at Canadian Nationals this year and my team won the Ontario Team PTQ, so we'll be playing in Pro Tour - New York. Aside from that, I've made three top 8's at Pro Tour Qualifiers.

S: What are you playing and why?

AB: I'm playing Bargain because it qualified me for Canadian Nationals and its the best deck in the field, able to deal with basically anything.

S: What's your favorite card?

AB: Verdant Force - one of my first decks (before I knew how to play well) used Wood Sage to get the Verdant Forces into the graveyard and Living Death to bring everything back into play

S: What's your favorite format?

AB: Booster draft

S: What's your favorite card mechanic?

AB: Alternate casting costs (like Ensnare and Abolish)

S: What's your favorite movie?

AB: Braveheart - part of my ancestry is Scottish

S: What's your favorite food?

AB: wonton soup

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