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Round 10 Feature Match - Jon Chan vs. Glenn Shanley

by Liam Coltman

Game 1

Shanley wins the die roll, in which could prove to be the most important part of this matchup. The two open up with mountains, and when Shanley makes a small mana related mistake on turn 3, Chan takes the chance to break the port lock and casts a Fire Diamond. For the next 10 turns or so the two trade land destruction back and forth, comprised of Avalanche Riders, Stone Rains and Pillages. The main target of the LD is the Rishadan Port, which both players rely on to stunt mana after their spells run out. With 3 Seals of Fire on the table Chan looks in trouble and the only way he can get rid of them is to tap out to cast a Masticore, which is dealt with by the seals. Again the two trade LD back and forth and also damage from Avalanche Rider but it is Shanley's Ghitu Slinger that allows him to get a little ahead on life, and he shocks and seals for the win.

Chan 0 Shanley 1

Game 2

After the two sideboard, Shanley and Jon laugh that the match is probably going to be decided on who goes first, and for this match it holds true. In a match almost identical to the first, Chan and Shanley trade LD back and forth, dealing damage with riders whenever they can. Late in the game Shanley has a Powder Keg on 4 and casts a Lightning Dragon, which he has held of casting for a few turns due to the echo and his lack of land. In answer Chan casts a Masticore, and with both players on low life Shanley has no choice but to attack and kill both creatures using the Powder Keg. The two then engage in a top deck fest, with Chan eventually drawing enough burn to finish Shanley.

Chan 1 Shanley 1

Game 3

With the turn advantage back in Shanley's hands he's confident that he will take out this game, however Chan has other ideas. When Shanley fails to drop a Rishadan Port on turn 2 Chan seizes the opportunity to take the turn advantage by playing his own port. With the first chance at 3 mana Jon begins the land destruction, but when Shanley draws his next card he's able to send back the favour. The two then trade off LD again, but tragedy strikes Shanley when he can't draw a land and Jon's LD starts to get on top. On turn 12 Shanley only has 2 lands in play when Jon starts the hammer recursion, and 5 turns later the match is over.

Chan 2 Shanley 1

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