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Round 3 Feature Match - Michael Doecke (1-1) vs. Adam Kemp (1-1)

by Luke Hancock

Michael Doecke and Adam Kemp are both members of the returning Team Australia from the 1999 World Championships. Michael (WesleyC on the irc) is well known by many overseas players while Adam is more known for being an active participant to the Australian DCIA-L mailing list. So far both players have lost 1 match and are playing the last round for the first draft pod. Michael has drafted a three color B/R/G deck with bombs such as Blastoderm and Kyren Negotiations while Adam has drafted a solid U/R control deck with large red and blue creatures for the kill and burn to clear his opponents creatures.

Game 1

Doecke wins the flip and opts to play. His opening hand has three land and he stalls on the three he has until the 6th turn while Adam takes advantage playing Laccolith Grunt and Wild Jhovall, removing Doecke's only blocker with a Submerge and finally a Shock Troops combined with the Laccolith's ability kill the lone Silt Crawler that Michael has played. Adam kills Michael's attempts to pull out of his land stall by removing his Rathi Fiend and plays two blue flyers to seal the game.

Game 2

Doecke brings his sideboard into action, siding out a Devastate for a Complex Automaton. Michael again opts to begin the game, but this time is forced to mulligan with an opening hand with two swamps. He draws and finds a hand with four lands of all his colors and two spells. Adam begins the creature race with a 3rd turn Ribbon Snake while Doecke plays his four land and then enchants one to become a 5/6 fatty. Adam takes a few hits from the Terrain and attempts to find a method to deal with it. The first Saprazzan Outrigger makes him able to find an easy method, while the second Outrigger enables Adam to block and kill the Living Terrain. Michael removes Adam's Stronghold Zeppelin with Steal Strength and a Maggot Therapy while Adam forgets that Michael can remove his Ribbon Snake's flying ability and he blocks and kills it with his stalled Living Terrain. Michael plays a Gerrard's Irregulars enchanted with Cave Sense to attempt to deal the last 9 points of damage to Adam, but Adam manages to find a Flameshot with his Soothsaying. Doecke tries to close out the game with a Blastoderm, but Adam finds an Ancient Hydra and plays two Outriggers to stall Michael's attacker. Adam then uses his Soothsaying to search for 8 cards and selects an Air Bladder to draw. He enchants Michael's only blocker (a Silt Crawler) with the Air Bladder to enable his ground-based creatures to attack for the last 14 points of damage.

Adam Kemp wins 2-0

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