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U.S. Nationals 1999 Reports
Day 2 Round 12 Results

Player Opponent Result
Bishop William Ingalls Jr. Clifford Lost, 0-1
Buck Alex Raether Don Won, 2-1
Buehler Randy James Eric Won, 2-1
Cass Matt Mowshowitz Zvi Lost, 1-2
Cogshall Jason Stors JJ Won, 2-0
Concepcion Michael Weasner Jesse Lost, 1-2
Currence Bryce Tobler Christopher Lost, 0-2
Flores Michael Valleroy Scott Won, 2-1
Gary Justin Jensen William Won, 2-0
Gilly Sammy Kastle Darwin Lost, 0-2
Guevin Thomas Kesselman Eric Won, 2-1
Hebert Ruger Owens Shannon Won, 2-0
Humpherys, David Lewis David Won, 2-0
Hunka John Schubert Ron Won, 2-1
Ingalls Jr. Clifford Bishop William Won, 1-0
James Eric Buehler Randy Lost, 1-2
Jarvis Steven Krumick Shannon Lost, 0-2
Jenkins Wil Pustilnik Michael Won, 2-0
Jensen Cory Shuler, John Draw, Intentional
Jensen William Gary Justin Lost, 0-2
Juarez Byron Kennison Koby Lost, 1-2
Kastle Darwin Gilly Sammy Won, 2-0
Kennison Koby Juarez Byron Won, 2-1
Kesselman Eric Guevin Thomas Lost, 1-2
Kornblith Charles McArthur Stephen Draw, Intentional
Krejci Jacob Morrow, Kristian Won, 2-1
Krumick Shannon Jarvis Steven Won, 2-0
LaRose, Justin Popick Joel Lost, 0-2
Lenhart Justin Rider Justin Won, 2-0
Lewis David Humpherys, David Lost, 0-2
Marcus Fred *** BYE ***
Matushek Steve Vessenes Ted Lost, 1-2
McArthur Stephen Kornblith Charles Draw, Intentional
Morrow, Kristian Krejci Jacob Lost, 1-2
Mowshowitz Zvi Cass Matt Won, 2-1
Owens Shannon Hebert Ruger Lost, 0-2
Popick Joel LaRose, Justin Won, 2-0
Pustilnik Michael Jenkins Wil Lost, 0-2
Raether Don Buck Alex Lost, 1-2
Rider Justin Lenhart Justin Lost, 0-2
Rose Kyle Selden Brian Draw, Intentional
Santiago, Marcos Smith Dan Lost, 1-2
Schubert Ron Hunka John Lost, 1-2
Selden Brian Rose Kyle Draw, Intentional
Shuler, John Jensen Cory Draw, Intentional
Smith Dan Santiago, Marcos Won, 2-1
Stors JJ Cogshall Jason Lost, 0-2
Tobler Christopher Currence Bryce Won, 2-0
Valleroy Scott Flores Michael Lost, 1-2
Vessenes Ted Matushek Steve Won, 2-1
Weasner Jesse Concepcion Michael Won, 2-1


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