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U.S. Nationals 1999 Reports
Round 9 Feature Match

Dennis Bentley vs. Justin Gary

Two men with a shared legacy, 1996 US National Champion Dennis Bentley, 6-2 and 1998 US National Champion Justin Gary, 4-1-3, started their match with Bentley's psychological mind games, but that's about as far as the excitement went.

Game one started with Bentley played a Voltaic Key after Justin cast Birds of Paradise. Gary then played a Survival of the Fittest, which he used to get an Uktabi Orangutan, to kill Bentley's second turn Grim Monolith. After dropping an Avalanche Rider to kill one of Bentley's 2 lands, Gary played an Oath of Ghouls and quickly wrapped up the game, destroying all of his opponent's permanents.

Game two started with Dennis playing lands but without casting anything. Gary who is presently affiliated with Your Moves Games, came out fast with Birds of Paradise and Hermit Druid. After Justin had cast a second bird, Dennis made an unusual decision, Tutoring for a Wildfire, dropping his fourth land (the last in his hand) and Ritualing out the reset.

The rest of the game was all Gary's, as Dennis, who failed to draw a land, sat and watched as Gary celebrated a Bird, three lands and a Yavamaya Granger over the next three turns. It got bad enough that Justin was trying to attack with the small cow token he keeps by his side. With Dennis at ten, Justin cast a Tradewind Rider, and Dennis scooped.

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