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U.S. Nationals 1999 Reports
Quarterfinals Feature Match

Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Charles Kornblith

In what was sure to be an interesting match, Zvi Mowshowitz and his first turn kill-capable Yawgmoth's Bargain deck took on Charles Kornblith's Replenish deck. Game one started quickly, with Zvi casting a Vampiric Tutor so that he could cast Yawgmoth's bargain on turn 3.

Sitting at 16 life, Mowshowitz made an aggressive decision, deciding to go for a win before Kornblith had played a third land (Enabling his Forbids), instead of waiting a turn so he could produce more mana. Taking four cards, then two more, Mowshowitz began the search for one of his four Mox Diamonds, which would have allowed him to cast a Delusions of Mediocrity and eventually win the game.

After Bargaining down to 2 life to no avail, Zvi activated Scroll Rack in hopes of finding a route to victory, but found nothing and conceded upon realizing he had no way to win the game.

Game two saw Zvi mulligan to six cards before casting a second turn Lobotomy on Kornblith, taking the Replenishes from his deck. At this point, Kornblith's only path to victory was to actually cast his Seismic Assault, but damage taken from lands forced Charles, who had Arcane Lab and Forbid running, to try to play a Delusions. After the life gain was put on the stack, Zvi Disenchanted the Delusions, causing Charles to lose 10 life (before the life gain happened) and the game.

Game three saw Charles mulligan twice and Zvi mulligan once. Despite Zvi only having six cards to start, he was able to cast Bargain on the second turn. After Bargaining away 18 life, Zvi still had not found a Delusions, and when he Scroll racked for 14, his jaw dropped with the realization that he would not be drawing cards for the rest of the duel.

Zvi thought for a while before starting to cast spells, building mana by casting Lobotomy and playing his sideboard tech: a Masticore. In the next three turns, Kornblith's life was reduced to eight, with Zvi discarding cards to Masticore while not drawing from Bargain, an all or nothing approach questioned by observers who thought he should have used one of his two Disenchants to purge his own Bargain.

Just as Charles was ready to concede, he drew Replenish. Raising his arms into the air, he Frantic Searched and dropped the bomb. When Delusions came into play, Zvi attempted his stack trick again, but Charles threw a land at him (with Seismic Assault) in response. Zvi responded with another Disenchant, but 6th Edition rules were in Charles's favor, and his Abundance/Bargain combo found him another land to throw, winning the game.

In game four, after Zvi mulliganed for the third time in four games, Kornblith was fast and efficient. After casting a third turn Intuition for Abundance, Assault and Bargain, he Frantic Searched the Assault into the graveyard and Replenished, winning the match.


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