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U.S. Nationals 1999 Reports
Semfinals Feature Match

Kyle Rose vs Charles Kornblith

Rose was playing a mono-white weenie deck similar to that of Stephen McArthur. Some of the creatures differ - whereas McArthur plays Resistance Fighter and Longbow Archer, Rose uses Soltari Foot Soldier and Warrior en-Kor.

In the first game Rose was able to take advantage of the Sixth Edition rules to win. His early creatures dealt a little over ten points of damage when Kornblith was finally ready to set up his combo. Kornblith used Replenish to get three enchantments into play - a Yawgmoth's Bargain, a Seismic Assault and Delusions of Mediocrity. When Delusions came into play, its "gain 10 life" effect went on the stack. Rose responded to that by casting Disenchant on the Delusions. Disenchant resolved first and Kornblith immediately lost 10 life and the game, before ever having a chance to gain the life back.

Second game was similar to the first in that Rose's weenie creatures were able to deal a lot of early damage, but he was unable to prevent his opponent from starting up the combo. While at 11 life, Kornblith set up a Bargain, Abundance and Seismic Assault in play and began to pay 1 life per land. Rose cast Allay on Seismic Assault in response to Kornblith paying a life and going down to six in order to draw another card. Rose's math was perfect - Kornblith could still draw a bunch of cards and throw them at Rose, but he denied him that one card at the point where Kornblith did not have enough life to replace it and could only deal 18 points of damage with Seismic Assault. Through excellent play, Rose was able to get a 2-0 lead on his opponent.

Rose was out of tricks in game three. Kornblith used an Attunement to set up his combo and Propaganda to hold off Rose's Mother of Runes and Soltari Priest. By turn four he was able to set up the combo and successfully deal 20 points of damage to Kyle uninterrupted.

In the fourth game Kyle attempted to slow his opponent down by casting a turn two Disenchant on a Mox Diamond. Unfortunately for Rose, Kornblith had plenty of mana and was able to go off on turn four yet again, bringing the game score to 2-2.

Kornblith's draw was not nearly as good in the final game, and he could not set up a quick win. He was eventually forced to cast a Mystical Tutor searching for a sideboarded Wrath of God. Wrath bought Kornblith a few extra turns, and he was finally able to get a Bargain on the table. Problem was, he was at a very low life total, unable to pay for the lands he needs to win. Kornblith had a solution though - he cast a Peace of Mind and was able to pay 1 life per card, then discard it to gain three. Meanwhile he was losing three life per turn to a Warrior en Kor with Crusade in play.

To make matters worse, Rose cast a Worship, so that Kornblith would have to kill off his creatures before he could win the game. He also held Waylay and three Plains untapped. Once Kornblith finally decided to go for it, he threw two lands at the Warrior. In response, Rose cast Waylay forcing Kornblith to spend another land on killing the Warrior. With Rose at 23 life (thanks to Soul Warden), Kornblith no longer had enough land left in his deck to kill Rose.

Rose 3 - Kornblith 2

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