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2000 Australian Nationals Coverage

Welcome to coverage of the National Championship held this holiday weekend in Australia. The tournament is taking place at the Rydges Hotel & Resort in the capital city of Canberra. Canberra is the indigenous word for "meeting place". Canberra was elected as the location for the nation's capital as a compromise between Sydney and Melbourne.

Approximately 100 players from all over Australia have made the trip to participate in Australian Nationals. Along with the National tournament which begins on Sunday, there will be 4 Australian Open tournaments ("meatgrinders") run on Saturday.

The players will compete for a trip to Belgium and the honor of representing Australia at this year's Magic: The Gathering World Championships in Brussels.


Winner's Bracket
Stephen Campbell (4) def. Kim Brebach (6)
Loser's Bracket
Ben Seck (3) def. Hugh Karp (8)
Craig Hong (5) def. Justin West (2)


Winner's Bracket
Stephen Campbell (4) def. Hugh Karp (8)
Kim Brebach (6) def. Justin West (2)
Loser's Bracket
Ben Seck (3) def. Andrew MacDonald (7)
Craig Hong (5) def. Andrew Corney (1)


Hugh Karp (8) def. Andrew Corney (1)
Stephen Campbell (4) def. Craig Hong (5)
Justin West (2) def. Andrew MacDonald (7)
Kim Brebach (6) def. Ben Seck (3)


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