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Round 11 Results by Table

Table Player OpponentResult
Quesnel, Royce*** BYE ***
1Tsang, GabrielEvans, MurrayLost, 1-2
2Aw, RolandBradshaw, CoryDrew, 0-0-3
3Gurney, MichaelFuller, RyanLost, 0-2
4Lau, SamBonham, AndrewWon, 2-1
5The, JasonHandfield, MikeWon, 2-0
6Tsang, TerryEvans, ForrestWon, 2-1
7Lau, TerryRoy, JimWon, 2-1
8Honaus, FinnValleau, MikeLost, 1-2
9Charlish, DanyWolfman, SteveWon, 2-0
10Rancourt, VincentWise, GaryLost, 1-2
11Ferraro, AnthonyKelley, NathanLost, 1-2
12Boutin, JonSpiller, DanLost, 0-2
13Bourdeau, LucKrakower, GaryLost, 1-2
14Vienneau, MatthewHoover, TimLost, 0-2
15Hajer, JesseTou, RobertWon, 2-0
16Boileau, LouisHarrison, KenWon, 2-0
17Hewson, GeoffChaffey, ScottLost, 0-2
18Rochon, ChristianRoss, LesslieLost, 0-2

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