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Standard Deck Breakdown

By Randy Buehler

Mono-Blue Control (assorted)15
Angry Hermit6
Mono-Red L.D./Ponza6
White Weenie3
Control Black2
Mono-blue Tinker2
Trinity Green1
= 57 decks total

Mono-blue control was clearly the most popular deck on Saturday, making up 26% of the field. This archetype can be broken up in a number of different ways, but no classification scheme I have seen is clean or obvious. So that category includes decks that could be called Magpie Blue, Draw/Go, and Accelerated Blue.

There's also more combo being played than at most recent Nationals. Replenish and Bargain combined amount to 19% of the field. There don't appear to be any brand new archetypes, though the mono-red decks come close. Most include Veteran Brawlers and Rhystic Lightning. Once you include the Angry Hermit decks there are an awful lot of Avalanche Riders getting played.

While Prophecy has not (yet?) spawned any completely new decks, it is certainly having an impact on this event. Mono-red decks love their Veteran Brawlers and Rhystic Lightnings. Stompy is running Wild Might. A number of decks include some number of Chimeric Idols, especially the Control Black decks. Many of the mono-blue decks are running Foil although, interestingly, Gab Tsang is not. One Bargain deck includes Rhystic Tutor and Rhystic Syphon while another includes Blessed Wind. Various Avatars have found their way into sideboards while most Replenish decks have some access to Sheltering Prayers. A number of players have Abolish or Rebel Informer in their sideboard and one rogue deck is even running Jolrael, Empress of Beasts.

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