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Day One Wrapup

By Randy Buehler

Gab Tsang was the big story on the first day of Canadian Nationals. Once one of the Pro Tour's best players, Tsang lost interest in the game for a while (and went back to school). Now, however, the "juggernaut" looks like he's back. Posting a perfect 6-0 record, Tsang has a 3-point lead on the rest of the field. The three-way tie for second place includes Ryan Fuller - often controversial, he's arguably Canada's top player.

Gary Wise went undefeated on the first day of last year's Canadian Nationals, but this year was very different for him. The outspoken Toronto native was bragging about both of his decks, but managed only a 3-3 record on the day. Two-time champion Gary Krakower and 1998 champion Pete Radonjic also posted 3-3 marks on the day.

The 4-2's who need to go 5-1 (or possibly just 4-1-1) tomorrow for a chance at the Top 8 include Jay Elarar and Terry Tsang. Tsang finished 9th last year, missing a Top 8 berth by single point. Elarar is a former Junior Super Series champion (and Grand Prix Seattle Top 8 competitor) who started out 0-2, but came all the way back to give himself a realistic shot tomorrow.

Saturday should be quite interesting since it's the first major Standard tournament where Prophecy is legal. U.S. national team member Chris Benafel is here in Vancouver to keep an eye on the new environment. Will it just be tuned versions of existing decks, or has someone found a new broken card that will alter the metagame? We shall see tomorrow.

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