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1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 2 Round 10 Feature Match

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

Terry Tsang vs Gary Krakower

This is another interesting match, pairing former Champ Gary Krakower against well-known player Terry Tsang. Krakower has a black control deck that he designed, and Tsang is with Hatred. Suicide Black seems to be a popular choice today, with many top tier players using it, including BC's Jeff Fung, and Campbellville's Boyd Hardie. Says Hardie about his deck "We didn't expect any Sligh so we decided to put Phyrexian Negator in our main decks. Negator is the bomb."

Game 1:

This game was a game of speed. On the second turn, Tsang ritualled out a Dauthi Horror and Dauthi Slayer. Krakower had the answers in the form of Cursted Scroll and Powder Keg. Tsang kept up the pressure however, with a Carnophage and 4th turn Masticore. Gary brought out his own fat in the form of a Skittering Horror. Next turn Tsang attacked, and Krakower blocked, blew his Powder Keg and cast Diabolic Edict, leaving the board free of creatures. Next turn saw Tsang pass without playing a single card. Krakower, however had much to do. Playing another Cursed Scroll, he then cast Yawgmoth's Will, bringing back his Powder Keg. Tsang tried to summon some last minute defense by casting 2 Sarcomancys, but Krakower just scrolled them both at the end of turn. One turn later Tsang conceded.

Tsang 0 - Krakower 1

Game 2:

This game was over in less than 12 turns, After Krakower played first turn Scroll, and second turn Dark Ritual, Stronghold Taskmaster. Tsang cast a Dauthi Slayer on the 2nd turn and a Carnophage on the 3rd turn. Krakower Stupored him on the next turn, and he was forced to discard the only 2 cards in his hand, one of which was his quick kill - Hatred. Turn 4 saw Krakower play a Western Paladin, and on turn 5 Gary Scrolled the Slayer. Tsang extended his hand in concession.

Tsang 0 - Krakower 2

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