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1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 2 Round 11 Feature Match

- Elijah Pollock

Gab Tsang vs. Steve Wolfman

Round 11 paired up these two friends in a match to eliminate one of them from contention for the top 8. Gab is playing a deck very similar to Zvi's Bargain deck, and Steve is playing a very original and interesting Sneak Attack combo deck. Steve had earlier beaten Gary Wise in a practically identical match up to this one.

Game 1:

Gab is playing first and plays a City of Brass, after Steve just lays a forest, Gab Vampiric Tutors at the end of his turn. Gab then plays a Rootwater Depths and taps both his lands for a Grim Monolith, which he taps for a Voltaic Key which untaps itself once, and the Monolith once. Steve just plays a reflecting pool on his turn. On his third turn, Gab casts Yawgmoth's Bargain, draws 4 cards, plays another Key and says go. Steve plays a Kjeldoran Vandal on his turn and destroys the Grim Monolith. On the next turn, Gab draws 9 cards and casts 2 Dark Rituals, a Mox Diamond, and realizing he is at one life and probably won't be able to go off. He then decides to Blaze the Vandal, and casts a few more spells that include another Key and a Delusions. All Steve is able to do on his lucky extra turn is Uktabi Orangutan the Mox diamond. Gab then draws numerous more cards and when he starts to generate large amounts of mana Steve concedes believing that Gab is playing with Yawgmoth's wills to get the Blaze back. It turns out Gab was running one.

Tsang 1 - Wolfman 0

Game 2:

Steve plays first this game and plays a forest and a Birds of Paradise. Gab starts with even more impressive mana production with a Mox Diamond, a Rootwater depths and a Grim Monolith. On his next turn, Steve plays a City of Brass and casts a Wizard Mentor to apply some beatdown. Gab keeps the mana coming with a City of Brass and another Grim Monolith. Steve attacks with the Mentor and plays a spell he hopes will keep him from being burned out, a Worship. Gab casts 2 Dark Rituals, and gets out a Bargain, he quickly goes off and gets most of his mana producers into play and gets access to most of his deck. He turns out to have boarded in a Disenchant, so he gets rid of the Worship, and Blazes Steve out of nationals.

Tsang 2 - Wolfman 0

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