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1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 2 Round 12 Feature Match

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

Nick Chen vs Marc Rajotte

This match is very tight, with both players possibly in contention for a top 8. The winner of the match has an excellent shot, but the loser is definitely out. Nick Chen, returning Team member, and Marc Rajotte, from Alberta.

Game 1:

This game started with Rajotte laying Carnophage, Dauthi Horror, and Dauthi Slayer on turns 1, 2 and 3. Nick brings out a Powder Keg and sacks it on turn 4 to kill the Horror and Slayer, and then plays Masticore. Rajotte brings out Sarcomancy and a Skittering Skirge, only to see the Skirge shot. Chen attacks with the Masticore and Rajotte blocks. On the next turn, Rajotte brings out another Skirge, only to see it shot again. During his next turn however, Chen makes a critical error, forgetting to discard for Masticore, and draws his card. The Masticore dies, and Rajotte brings out a Cursed Scroll with which he finishes Chen off in short order.

Chen 0 - Rajotte 1

Game 2:

This game sees Mark a little mana deprived as he sits at 1 land for the first 5 turns. Nonetheless, he brings out Sarcomancy and Dauthi Slayer on the first turn. The early pressure, combined with 2 duresses on the second and third turn were too much for Chen to come back against.

Chen 0 - Rajotte 2

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