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1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 2 Round 9 Feature Match

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

Gary Wise vs Steve Wolfman

This game featured an unusual match-up, two vastly different combo decks playing off, to see who's combo is better, faster and more consistent. Steve Wolfman is touting a Sneak Attack deck, a combo that generates infinite mana using Sneak Attack, Wizard Mentor and Workhorse, and kills by recurring a Ghitu Slinger. Wise is playing the well-known Zvi-Bargain which performed very well at last weeks US Nationals.

Game 1:

This game saw Wolfman starting early with A forest and Birds of Paradise, and bringing out a Keldon Vandals to kill Wise's Scroll Rack. Two turns later Wise tried to go off, but couldn't keep the combo going, and fizzled. Vandal beats finished the game quickly.

Wise 0 - Wolfman 1

Game 2:

This game saw a similar start, with Wolfman bringing out a forest and Birds of Paradise, and following up with a Vandals to Wise's Mox Diamond. Wise had a temporary answer with Perish, however. Wolfman attempted to bring out more creatures after that, and Wise cast Yawgmoth's Will, to bring back the Perish. Trying to combo the next turn, Gary had Yawgmoth's Bargain in play and a single card in hand. Tapping his mana, he laid it on the table, revealing a Delusions of Mediocrity. Wolfman smiled and showed Wise the Erase in his hand, and the game was over.

Wise 0 - Wolfman 2

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