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1999 Canadian Nationals
A Word from the Champion

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

Peter Radonjic has posted an impressive list of victories including top 4, PT Columbus, 1996 Canadian National Team, and 1998 Canadian National Champion. He is competing in the 1999 Canadian Nationals, and very nearly missed the beginning of the draft, bursting into the drafting room a scant 30 seconds before the 9:15am draft time. Accompanying him were well known competitors Jeff Fung and Gary Wise, all of whom came a little too close to being disqualified for Radonjic's liking. "We pulled into the hotel doing about 70" says Radonjic later, after the draft had finished, "and there was Mark Schick waving us in, like an air traffic controller. We all leaped out of the car like the bad guys on an episode of C.O.P.S. and hit the hotel door running."

Settling down after an impressive entrance, Radonjic and Wise found themselves at the same table, with Peter in the 2nd seat and Gary in the 7th. From that point on, all attention was focused on the draft table, with Peter taking Acridian from the first pack (the only good green card) and therefore assuring him of good green later in the draft. This was evidenced by him getting Argothian Elder, 2 Yavamaya Grangers, Rancor and 2 Scent of Ivy's. Radonjic later remarked that many good players seem not to like the Scent, while he considers it a very playable card. Radonjic was also able to pick up a fair amount of red to support his primary color. His final deck is a very solid R/G with a good creature base, but a little light on removal. He predicts a 2-1 outcome for this pod, "A lot depends on whether or not I play Gary (Wise) or not."

Before the first round begins, Peter takes the time to chat a little about his thoughts on Nationals this year. "I'm not really as confident as last year. I didn't bring a Standard deck or even any cards to build one. I've drafted about 10 times in the last week, and I won 2 drafts last night, both playing R/G, so I feel pretty good about my deck right now." Coming off of last year's victory, there must be a certain amount of pressure both to make the team and to make it to Worlds. Radonjic has always been a cool player and only time will tell if he has what it takes to make the team for the second consecutive year.


Blanchwood Treefolk
Acridian x2
Elvish Lyrist
Elvish Herder
Simian Grunts
Yavamaya Granger x2
Treefolk Mystic
Gang of Elk
Scent of Ivy x2
Yavamaya Enchantress

Viashino Runner
Goblin Medics
Lava Axe
Goblin Masons x2
Wild Colos
Scent of Cinder

8 Forest
9 Mountain
1 Treetop Village

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