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1999 Canadian Nationals
Scenes From The Finals

Final 8 Play area

Ryan Fuller (L) vs. Jurgen Hahn

Jurgen Hahn (L) vs. Ryan Fuller

Gary Krakower (L) vs. Jeff Cunningham

Jason Simard (L) vs. Gab Tsang

Jeff Cunningham (L) vs. Gary Krakower

Matt Vienneau (L) and Jeff Donais

Jason Simard (L) vs. Gab Tsang

Marc Rajotte (L) vs. Gary Krakower

Gary Krakower (L) vs. Marc Rajotte

Canadian National Champion Marc Rajotte

Canadian National Team Member Gary Krakower

Jeff Cunningham

Jurgen Hahn

Jurgen Hahn, Toronto, ON

Bruce Marsan, Montreal, QC

Gary Krakower, Toronto, ON

Marc Rajotte, Calgary, AB

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