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Top 8 Interview - Noah Boeken

By Brian Hacker

Noah made waves at European Championships by boasting a perfect 6-0 record after day one of the swiss. The idea of Boeken going undefeated isn't unreasonable considering that the first day was draft, but Boeken also went 4-2 on day 2 to make the final 8. I felt confident. Even after losing 2 in a row, I felt confident. It wasn't like how I felt went I went 8-1 at the first Chicago PT. That was one of my first pro tours and I was a different player then. He had to feel good after being a perfect 9-0 after 9 rounds, but a little bit of disaster fell at the tenth round. Well, I needed only a point to make the top of 8. I didn't want to draw with Joost Winter, I knew that the first seed makes more and I had a good match-up (Stompy vs. Blue.) So we played, and while I almost always beat him, he got me despite taking a mulligan. He and Winter are friends though, and he was pleased when Winter made the top 8 although he's hoping to play him. I want any of the Blue players. I get a little scared against Replenish but I think I can beat them too. I tested some against Angry Hermit and I won, so I'm not afraid of anyone.

Boeken's attitude is a bring-em-on type. He feels very comfortable at high-level competition, not unlike a good friend of his, Ryan Fuller. Ryan and I get along very well. We e-mail each other like 10 times a day. He, Casey McCarrel and Chris Benafel are coming over early for Worlds. We're going to playtest. Well, actually, we'll probably just party, but it'll be fun and maybe we'll get in shape for Worlds. If they manage to stay away from the clubs at least a couple of nights, they should be in good shape, not just for Worlds, but any competition that Boeken brings his confidence too.

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