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Top 8 Interview - Joost Winter

Joost, a 20-yeard old from the Netherlands, went 5-1 in the draft and 4-0-2 in the standard playing accelerated blue.

How long have you been playing Magic ?

Since Stronghold was released, so maybe 2 and a half years, which is not long compared to the great names in the game.

What are your biggest Magic achievments to date ?

Well, obviously making Top 8 at Europeans is my biggest achievment but I also placed 37th at Copenhagen.

How do you feel about the Dutch performance at this Championships?

It's great, me and Noah Boeken both made top 8, which is really good, although I think that we were quite lucky considering the amount of testing we did beforehand.

How do you feel about your matchup tomorrow against Rickard Osterberg?

I think it's a tough matchup, he has good counterspells and the Grims really help him out a lot. It is possible for me to beat him, but it's going to be very tough.

What are your plans for the rest of the night?

I intend to playtest with Noah and with Alex Witt, but I think I will try and get some rest before the Top 8.

Who is your favourite to win the Tournament?

I think that one of the name players will win it, either Raphael Levy, or Noah Boeken.

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