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Question Eight: Who are you rooting for to win this tournament?

Kai Budde (Germany): Raphael LevyScott Wills (UK): Noah Boeken or Raphael LevyBram Snepvangers (Netherlands): Joost or Noah

Question Seven: How can you explain why no UK players made the top 8 at this year's Euro Championship?

Ben Ronaldson (England): Lots of us did well on the draft day, but those people didn't do well enough on the Standard day. A lot of us are bunched around 30th place.Tony Dobson (England): We suck.Mark Wraith (England): We didn't do much testing of Standard and the testing we did do was completely ignored by everyone who just played the crappy decks.

Question Six: What is the best deck you've seen today?

John Larkin (Ireland): Stewart Shenkin's W/b rebel deckVedat Ozfresko (Turkey): My deck! (Ponza)Niels Sanders Jensen (Denmark): My deck! (R/G/W Angry Hermit)

Question Five: What type 2 deck are you playing today?

Jakub Slemr (Czech Republic) - WildfireKai Budde (Germany) - U/B TinkerChristian Luhrs (Germany) - R/U Tinker

Question Four: What do you think will be the most common deck played tomorrow?

Nicolai Herzog (Norway) - "Angry Hermit. It is stable and has a fair shot at beating most decks." Bram Snepvangers(Netherlands) - "Angry Hermit. It only loses to Bargain and Wildfire, and they aren't very common."Michael Debard (France) - "Stompy. Many players like it, it is a fair deck that is capable of winning most matchups."

Question Three: Who do you consider to be the best European player?

Thomas Preyer (Austria) - "Nicolai Herzog. He is a nice guy and plays very well." Marc Cicin-Sain (Hroatia) - "Kai Budde. He seems to win all the time and writes very good reports"Aras Senyuz (Turkey) - "Jean Louis D'Hondt. He builds original decks, and always does well playing them."

Question Two: Who is the player you are most afraid of facing in this tournament?

Ollie Schneider (UK) - "John Ormerod. I just can't beat him."Noah Boeken (Netherlands) - "Franck Canu. I am 3-0 and he is 0-3, so if I have to play him then things are not going well for me"Raphael Levy (France) - "Anyone in type 2 rounds who manages to build a good original deck"

Question One: What card do you wish to open the most during your draft?

1) Trey Van Cleave (Denmark) - "The oh so Troubled Healer"2) Stephan Valkyser (Germany) - "Waterfront Bouncer or Stinging Barrier"3) Manuel Bevand (France) - "Avatar of Woe, so I can splash for it"

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