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Rui Oliveira

Question Five: What's your favorite card in the draft?
David Norgeot: "Cabal Patriarch" Michael Debard: "Reckless Charge" Renato Graça: "Repel"

Question Four: Who do you think will win?
David Norgeot: "Ryan Fuller" Michael Debard: "Raphaël Lévy" Renato Graça: "Kai Budde"

Question Three: Did you gain anything from today, feel like you've learned anything?
Gauthier (11 years old): "I learned not to be stressed. I've seen the good players and their strategies and that was worth the trip. I rather like the format too. Bastien (15 years old): "Playing with the big guys was inspirational. I feel like trying to reach their level."

Question Two: Both France and Spain have more than 200 players in the running. Which country will have most players in the Top 8?
Yann Hamon (France): "Clearly France, we have more high level players." Xavier Lozano (Spain): "France" Jonathan Garcia (Spain): "Hate to admit it... France"

Question One: Do you plan to go swimming this weekend? Noah Boeken offers USD 200 if you do.
Jelger Wiegersma: Very straight forward, "No way!" Mattias Jorstedt: "Yeah, perhaps tonight..." The things one does for money Carlos Barrado: "Not today, it's too cold." Sissy

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