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Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000

Round 12
Feature match
Tony Dobson and Marcin Cieslikowski

This was a tight one - yet another match to come down to the last five turns. Martin was playing red/white against Tony's Black/Red.

Game 1

ony won the toss, played first and let the Pole mulligan down to 6. Nothing was played until a turn 3 Intimidator. Martin replied with a Grunt, but failed to drop a fourth land, allowing his opponent to gain huge momentum with both turn four and five Fen Stalkers, but the Intimidator gets muzzled, and a Mine Bearer has to be Shock Trooped to allow the beats to continue. Even so, an Excise deals with one of the Stalkers, so the life scores are still fairly similar. In the next four turns Marcin drops Minotaur, Flint Golem, Mine Bearer and Diving Griffin. The artifact creature is a problem for the Fen, so it its Strength is Stolen along with a Soul Strung Shock Troops. A top-decked Maggot Therapy kills off the remaining Mine Bearer and the Stalker goes all the way.

Game 2 - Cieslikowski sides in a Devastate to deal with the Intimidator, probably remembering from the draft that Tony actually had two.

A turn 3 Glittering Lion managed to deal 8 damage this game as Tony kept tapping out to make various 2 toughness threats. Meanwhile another Wild cat comes to town with the Lion stabilising the ground on the red/white side until Dobson's Kidnappers whipped out a first and second Intimidator. Sure enough the Devastate deals with most of his threats and a succession of large creatures (Silkenfist Order, Crusher, Golem) proceed to overrun to make it 1-1, aided by the Mercadian Atlas drawing engine.

Game 3 This was really close. The Ghoul and the Griffin were again facing each other down on turn 3, and a Seal of Doom and a Shield Dancer trade off on turn 4. Once again Tony makes 2 Fen Stalkers, whilst his opponent only has a Silkenfist Order and the Lion. A High Market has been in play for a while now, and each creature Marcin looses gains him a life. A muzzle takes out one of the Fen Stalkers and they proceed to beat each other up a bit and the life scores reach 8-7. Tony makes Volrath which suddenly slows the game in time as Tony is on 2 life! For the last few turns Tony has been trying to take advantage of the damage-on-the-stack muzzle rule by killing his Muzzled Fen Stalker with his Shock Troops to deal one more point of damage. Extra turns are called and all Tony can do is take his opponent down to 1 so the game would have been a draw (High Market saving his opponent), but Tony graciously concedes to his opponent by burning for 3 - particularly impressive given that his Pro Tour points are on the edge of Masters Qualification.

Marcin (kind of) wins 2-1

- Written by Ben Ronaldson

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