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Grand Prix Washington D.C.

Grand Prix-Washington D.C. 1999 Reports
Scenes from Friday

Brian Hacker

Bob Maher

Dan Clegg

1999 PTNY Semi-Finalist, Dave Humphries

Derek Rank

Jon Finkel offers advice to Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz

Rudy "Ru-Tang" Edwards

1999 PTLA Champion, Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz

Alex Shvartsman and Mark Paschover

Kyle Rose

Randy Buehler and Pat Chapin

1999 PTNY Semi-Finalist, Zvi Mowshowitz

Mike Turian and Worth Wolpert

A view of the GPDC Tournament Area

Another view of the GPDC Tournament Area

Start of the GPDC Trial Friday Night (84 players)

Players in the GPDC Trial compete for a 3-round bye

Assistant Head Judge, Mike Guptil (Still scarred from JSS)

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