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Grand Prix Washington D.C.

Grand Prix-Washington D.C. 1999 Reports
Scenes from the Finals

The Final 8 Draft in Progress

Dennis Bentley during the draft

Zvi Mowshowitz, showing which colors he will play

(L to R) Noah Weil, Ben Farkas, Chris Pikula, Mike Turian

(L to R) Dennis Bentley, Judge Jym Resciniti, Mark Le Pine, Scott McCord, Zvi Mowshowitz

Ben Farkas of Latham, NY (Champion)

Chris Pikula of Philadelphia, PA (Finalist)

Zvi Mowshowitz of NYC, NY (Semifinalist)

Noah Weil of St. Paul, MN (Semifinalist)

Scott McCord of Santa Barbara, CA (Quarterfinalist)

Mark Le Pine of Merrimack, NH (Quarterfinalist)

Dennis Bentley of Rochester, NY (Quarterfinalist)

Michael Turian of Pittsburgh, PA (Quarterfinalist)

Ben Farkas (Foreground) Versus Chris Pikula in the Finals

Pikula (Foreground) versus Ben Farkas in Game 3

Finalist Pikula, thinking about the drive home

Chris Pikula (Foreground) versus Ben Farkas in the Finals

Champion Ben Farkas, about to taste victory

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