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Grand Prix-Kuala Lumpur
Quartefinals Recap

Au Yong Wai Kin vs. Albertus Law

In the quarterfinals, Malaysia's Au Yong Wai Kin brought his Countersliver deck to face Singaporean Albertus Law and his Necro-Donate deck.

The first game started with a decision for Law: He was Duressed before drawing a card, and his hand held two Force of Wills, Illusions of Grandeur, Donate, Demonic Consultation, and two lands. He decided not to counter the Duress, and lost his Consultation. The decision was probably the correct one, as he drew another shortly thereafter, and was able to Consult for Necro during the end step of Au Yong's third turn. When Law played the Necro during his own third turn, Au Yong knew there were two Force of Wills to back it up. Hoping that there wouldn't be enough blue cards to pitch, Au Yong played his own Demonic Consultation in response to the declaration of Necropotence, got a Force of Will, and played it, discarding a Hibernation Sliver. Law kept his Necro alive with a Force of Will, throwing away Illusions of Grandeur, and drew 11 cards.

Au Yong was able to attack with his Crystalline Slivers, but Law played an Illusions of Grandeur and drew another sixteen cards. On Law's fifth turn, he was able to Donate the Illusions with Force of Will backup. Au Yong refused to concede, paying the upkeep cost for the Illusions and continuing his attacks. When Law brough out another Illusions of Grandeur, threatening to to go through the combo a second time, Au Tong conceded.

While sideboarding for game two, Au Yong felt that the anti-enchantment cards he had in his main deck were good enough, and declined to bring in Erase or Hydroblast. Meanwhile, Law brought in four Phyrexian Negators and three Pyroblasts.

Au Yong's Seal of Cleansing made it onto the table on turn five, and Law was forced to change his winning plan to Negators even though he had a Necropotence on the boards and the combo in his hand. The Negator didn't live long, however, as Au Yong had a Swords to Plowshares, and the growing army of slivers finished Law off.

In the third game, Law never got to first base with his deck, as his Force of Will was Duressed on turn one, his Necropotences were Annuled on turns three and five, his Phyrexian Negator was Swords to Plowsharesed on turn four, and his only sources of mana were Gemstone Mines and tapped Mana Vaults.


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